Bulldogs 101
So you have decided you want a dog…

Before purchasing any dog, make sure this is the right decision for not only you but also your family.  It is true that puppies are cute and fun to play with; however, when purchasing a dog you are actually introducing a new family member into your life.  Ownership of a dog is a lifetime decision that requires responsibility.  Never purchase a puppy on a spur-of-a-moment decision.

Before bringing a dog into your home you will need to research the breeds and pick one that fits your lifestyle.  Once you know the breed you think is best for you, then you will need to select a responsible breeder.  A responsible breeder will welcome your questions and be highly knowledgeable about their breed.  They will ask you many questions to make sure you are ready to provide the home needed for the puppy.  Their home will be open for visits and they will be able to supply you information about the parents and their pedigrees.  But most important, a responsible breeder will be willing to be your mentor after you take your puppy home. 

Is a bulldog for you?

The English bulldog is a real companion dog.  Bulldogs are not watchdogs even though portrayed in the role.  They need to live indoors, require moderate exercise and since they are shorthaired, bullies require frequent brushing and wrinkle care. 

Bulldogs are a brachycephalic breed, which means they are "short-faced."   These breeds may have respiratory difficulties such as elongated palates, small tracheas and eye problems that could include eyelid anomalies or cherry eyes.  When buying a bully it is best to use a veterinarian that is familiar with the bulldog breed. 

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